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Wise Eyes

October 5, 2013

The pig squeals in my ear
Ear sensitive to its’ squeal
Squeal telling me it’s not happy being alone
Alone is what evil wants us to feel

Feel the highs and lows of the game
Game face on, but having fun
Fun making friends, if you so choose
Choose to make friends, as well as life

Life leads me around, but I choose to look into His eyes
Eyes filled with understanding of why I get drawn to the game
Game that can take away from His wise eyes
Eyes so deep



September 7, 2013

I can’t believe I bought an ipad today
Today I feel like I’m dreaming
Dreaming that I bought an expensive IPad
iPad that I could use in many ways

Ways of passion want to twist me
Me, a gamer, artist and writer
Writer of my perceptions of the world
World around me, and my God

God, why do I feel so bogged down?
Down in the dumps so deep
Deep in tiredness, laziness, and fatigue
Fatigue that leaves us flat

Flat lining, I don’t want to be
Be that as it may, I feel uneasy
Uneasy because of a jumble of conflicting feelings
Feelings I have finally sorted through with Your help

I Need You (Revised)

August 2, 2013

I can’t go the extra mile
I don’t want to smile
Where am I’m going?
What’s that bag I’m towing?

Towing it everywhere I go
It’s not for show
I can’t turn around
To see what’s dragging on the ground.

My life seems like a bubble
Littered with a bunch of rubble
So what am I to do?
Lord, I need you.

You who are the first and last
You know my future and my past
You know my sin and my ways
Help me through this; I can’t take more days

Days filled with loss of self confidence
Doing the “try this” dance
You pick the emotion that moment.
I have no more strength or comments.


June 30, 2013

I am so thankful for what we have
Have we forgotten our roots?
Roots of our families, our foundation?
Foundation of our country so fair

Fair, life isn’t, but neither are we
We twist good things, making them convoluted and complicated
Complicated ways, not of Jesus’ world
World was created good, but became twisted

Twisted are the words of the evil one, our enemy
Enemy of everyone and this planet of ours
Ours is a job that came when the earth was formed
Formed by just a few words

Words were used in the making us too
To us, He is our Creator
Creator that made our world, our country
Country that’s supposed to be for you and me

Kingdom Come

June 10, 2013

Is this all there is to this life – it’s so twisted
There’s many values, so many, they can’t be listed
Teach me to sift through what’s wrong and right
Help me to meditate on you day and night

Night and darkness come, and I feel you’re not there
Help me switch to an attitude of prayer
Like a light in the darkness you shine forth and illuminate
Through your word and prayer, you helpm me ruminate

Ruminate and ponder, yes, and read the Word
Even though everyone I meet thinks it’s absurd
I want to know your law and your wisdom
I want your kingdom in me to come.

For Love

December 10, 2011

Hello little stranger
You’re the newest infant in town
They laid You in a manger

A king put you in danger
Shepherds were called into town
Hello, little stranger

You are the ultimate arranger
Yet from your throne to earth, you came down
They laid You in a manger

They thought it wasn’t anything major
Nothing special from this babe, so round
Hello, little stranger

But you are the great rearranger
You turn things upside down
They laid You in a manger

Angels were there; it couldn’t have been plainer
That the King of Kings, for love had shed His crown
Hello, little stranger
They laid You in a manger

When I Want to Flee

November 27, 2011

I need you to hold me
To hold me when I cry
When I want to flee

I want to shout with glee
But I feel in the fry
I need you to hold me

I’m starting to be
Healed by and by
When I want to flee

I need to touch and see
Someone to look me in the eye
I need you to hold me

I need someone tangible and friendly
To be there when I sigh
When I want to flee

George, thank you; you and Jesus love me
And my tears you dry
I need you to hold me
When I want to flee


July 19, 2011

I have many things in the dark
Its truth ravages me like a shark
I turn away from Him who can help me
I cannot see

Lord, I know you love me
I feel so empty
I need to hear your voice so clear
But I cannot hear

I want to tell you what’s on my heart
Of why we are apart
I feel so weak
I cannot speak

My thoughts are in a jumble
With my heart I want to rumble
I feel my mind is on the blink
I can’t even think

Where are you my heavenly love?
You don’t seem with me so you must be above
I love you so much
But I cannot feel your touch

But you are there in my darkness
You break the chains off my deafness
You snap the chains off my mind so I can think
You touch me deep and I, take a drink

Prayerful Art

July 2, 2011

Artistic community
Ruled by God through prayer
Taken to the community

Many people knowing Christ
New techniques and ideas
Systematic yet fun
Reaching people
Yours God

I Still Love You

June 28, 2011

I bore you to myself on eagles wings
Away, above all worries and things
I brought you out of the darkness
Out of your mess

I have set you on firm ground
But you have turned around
I have healed your wounds deep
Filled you full; it’s not a feat

So why do you turn away child?
I know all about the wooly and the wild
I love you so much
I love your touch

Come back, you’re always welcome
You’re not feeble or dumb
Climb up on my lap, dear heart
and confess to me why we are apart