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November 24, 2014

“M’Aide, m’aide!” You cry out
“Please help me!” You call, yet doubt
Doubt and tremble; you shake and cry
Cry out to Him, yet you trust by and by

By His stripes, you have been healed
Even though that’s not how you feel
You are His child; you are not alone
He will rescue you, and lead you home


When I Want to Flee

November 27, 2011

I need you to hold me
To hold me when I cry
When I want to flee

I want to shout with glee
But I feel in the fry
I need you to hold me

I’m starting to be
Healed by and by
When I want to flee

I need to touch and see
Someone to look me in the eye
I need you to hold me

I need someone tangible and friendly
To be there when I sigh
When I want to flee

George, thank you; you and Jesus love me
And my tears you dry
I need you to hold me
When I want to flee

Love’s Warmth

February 1, 2011

Warm, a fireplace
Someplace to warm your face
A place to go when you need to warm yourself
Or maybe to get help

Help to heal wounds inside and out
Maybe you’ll find a friend
A friendly face
On whom you can depend

Depend on it, you can be sure
That you will find everything you need
Hope, love, and whatever you desire
To get through the darkness’ greed

Greed for what you have not
Therein it’s best not to get caught
In the abyss that is not His
And your life for naught

Naught, no, for if can never be so
Just keep looking for what you need
Just keep looking for those friends
Who are solid indeed

Full Circle

October 23, 2010

The morning comes, and in he steps
He is standing there
At the foot of your bed
He looks at you; He cares

Cares for your you from your exterior to interior
He takes you by the hand and helps you on your way
He lifts you up and carries you
No matter what your day

Day in and day out, He is by your side
He binds your wounds, disinfecting them
With the balm of Gilead; it is plentiful
Telling you all the while that you are His Gem

Gem or jewel of His heart, we are priceless
So why do we have trouble seeing this?
Why do we fight him from dawn to dusk?
He’s not the one to fight – the battle is His

His step is near yours as you enter the night
Your day closes and you lay down your head
You lay down you body; you are so weary
And again he stands by your bed.

You Father Me

March 30, 2010

I don’t know how I feel today
I know I need to pray
But I feel so distant from Him
I need to ask forgiveness of my sins

Help me God to see
What you want me to be
I am a princess in your eyes
You have seen through my disguise

I want to hide from you
But that’s something I cannot do
You call me to your side
You beam at me with pride

I want to cower and shrink from you
Because I fear your wrath, I do
But you pick me up, you put me on your knee
You Father me

I want to cry, I really do
I am clinging onto you
You take my life in your hands so enormous
You peel away my callouses

In time, I know I’ll start to feel you again
I’ll fallow you like a car on a train
I’ll learn form you
You will show me what I should do.

Beauty for Ashes

October 17, 2009

I fell into the fire.
My circumstances were dire.
I burned to a crisp so black, and charred.
I thought my soul would be permanently marred.

I was lying there
Feeling bare.
Yet I was in your sight.
You clothed me in white.

You cleansed me,
Washed me,
You gave me beauty
You took the ashes of Sin away from me.

You lifted me up when I was low.
You brought me from charred remains and set me aglow.
Aglow with your love and your light.
Illuminated by your grace, glory and might.