He Leads Me Forward

February 6, 2015

“Please, let me help you
You are my friend, I want to help
Help isn’t such a bad thing, it’s really not
Not if you want to move forward.”

Forward motion can be positive or negative
Negative attitudes lead me down
Down into an abyss that leads to bondage
Bondage, a place that leaves me caged

Caged with nothing or no one to talk to
Too, you’re bored, feeling like you have nothing to do
Do? I’m in the fetal position; I can’t move
Move, squirm, it’s all pain to me

I want to move, but I’m in pain
So much so, I think I’ll go insane
Insanity surrounds, and I feel like I’m climbing the walls
Walls that are nonexistent; they’re just bars

Bars of self doubt and pity surround the cage
Cage looking out into the dark
Dark shadows surround me, but is that a spark?
Spark of white draws my eye

Eye catches on that little star so white
White pin prick reminding me of the bright star that shone that night
Night dark except for that diamond fair
The one above the shepherds, in the air

Air new comes afresh to my lips making me want for more
I start wondering what’s in store
I start searching for a way out of there
I send out the “help me” prayer

Prayer comes faster, and I find that Jesus is with me
I don’t feel so empty
The light has come closer, bit by bit.
I feel better, and a bar dissolves; I am able to get out of the caged pit.



November 24, 2014

“M’Aide, m’aide!” You cry out
“Please help me!” You call, yet doubt
Doubt and tremble; you shake and cry
Cry out to Him, yet you trust by and by

By His stripes, you have been healed
Even though that’s not how you feel
You are His child; you are not alone
He will rescue you, and lead you home

Surrounded by Him

November 9, 2014

I listened to the music surrounding me, and I wanted to dance
Nobody was nearby, but the music was a romance
The beat of the drum; the melody
All I needed was somebody

Somebody is dancing to my right
Another woman is in my sight
I sense that He is here as well
He is here, I can tell

Tell it to the world, He is the resurrected King!
Oh listen world! He loves to sing!
Listen to his so voice so sweet!
He is the only one who can make my feet fleet!

Fleet is his foot during the dance or when you’re in trouble
He’ll always be at your side, on the double
He will always be there
It’s only because He cares

Lean on Elohi Tsuri (Revised)

April 21, 2014

This can be heard on Spreaker

Heart pounding,
Palms sweating
Mind racing
Breath shortening

What am I afraid of?
Of the unknown?
/Of man?
Of things?

Things are in a tizzy
Why do I feel so dizzy?
God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.
He wants to draw us near.

*He gave us the spirit of love
His love from above
He also gave us his power
Us it will empower.

Sound minds he gave us too
So what am I going to do?
I’m going to lean on Elohi Tsuri**
Who is My God, My Rock to me.

* Scripture reference 2 Timothy 1:7

**I got this from another book whose source I cannot remember, so I looked it up on the net and found the meaning here.

“Follow Me.”

February 26, 2014

Title:  “Follow Me”

You’re on the fence, that’s for certain
You push back each side’s curtain
“Which way do I go?”
“Who shall I follow?”

“Follow me,” someone calls
“Follow me,” Calls Jesus, “I’ll catch you when you fall”
You still don’t know which way to turn
You think that you’ll get burned

Burned and lead around on a leash
Lead around from west to east
But He’s not that way, I assure you
You can trust Him; He won’t bid you adieu

Adieu is something He would never say
All you have to do is pray
Call out to Him, and He will come to you
After all, He is called Faithful and True.

You’re Invited

December 13, 2013

A valley is in front of you
It is verdant with greens and brilliant with colored blooms
Some are just flowers, but some are fruit for eating
The colors are vibrant, not fleeting

Fleeting is the sounds of everyday life
Gone are the cares, and the anxst of strife
Ahead of you is a gigantic tree
Its boughs laden with fruit for you and me

Me and you have the right to share
What we find out there
An invitation sounds from all around
“Come, eat the fruits that sprout from the ground

Ground brought forth all we will ever need
Brought forth from His great seed
Seed sewn with love and life
No, it’s not a lot of hype

Hype would only spoil this pure land
This cozy place where He planted the fruit by hand
He gives it all to you and I; our cups are overflowing
It’s His extravagent love He’s showing


December 3, 2013

Skates sliding on the ice
The adreneline pumps through you, oh so nice
Flying through the air, or playing a sport
Playing a game of hockey, or just cavort

Cavort and caper, just whipping around
On the ice or in the snow on the ground
The cold is nipping at your nose
Even the change there helps you grow

Growth helps you no matter what season
Hopefully it’s with Jesus, for He is the reason
That we are here on this earth
He is the reason that we were birthed

Birthed so that we may appreciate
Him, each other, and the ice on which we can skate
I love to write about He who makes me grow
For He is above and below

A New Song

November 20, 2013

Time flows in only one direction
With no introduction
Yet we all want to know what will happen
We want to know what’s around the bend

Bending to the will of the world, we collapse
But as we bend, time doesn’t nap
It flows on like a river
It can be good or bad and set you to quiver

Quiver and shake, you are pushed along
You’re dragged on the bottom; you’re under so long
A wave picks you up and cradles you; you’re carried away
The stream takes you to another day

Day breaks, and you awake
You’re alive – is it fake?
You stretch and find out you’re covered
He comes to you like a lover

Lover of your soul, He is attentive to all needs
All you need to do is believe and go where He leads
He helps you up and sets you on your feet
He gives you the strength to take your lit candle to all you meet

Meet all you can; eternity begins
You work with Him to make it happen
Time no longer pulls you along
It gives you a new song

Lean on Elohi Tsuri (Revised)

November 9, 2013

Heart pounding,
Palms sweating
Mind racing
Breath shortening

What am I afraid of?
Of the unknown?
Of man?
Of things?

Things are in a tizzy
Why do I feel so dizzy?
God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.
He wants to draw us near.

*He gave us the spirit of love
His love from above
He also gave us his power
Us it will empower.

Sound minds he gave us too
So what am I going to do?
I’m going to lean on Elohi Tsuri**
Who is My God, My Rock to me.

* Scripture reference 2 Timothy 1:7

**I got this from another book whose source I cannot remember, so I looked it up on the net and found the meaning here.

Featured Poet: Leah Pauls

October 19, 2013

Roughly every three months, I will be featuring a poet in my local circle whose poem has spoken to me through the Holy Spirit.  Leah Pauls’ poem, “The Tale of the Runaway Toenail” has done this for me.  I believe it needs to be shared, and so I have been granted permission to share it with you here.  The words for this poem can be found both here and at her website.

Leah has been kind to read this poem which will be featured in the next King’s Poetry Podcast.

The Tale of a Runaway Toenail

In a land far away, by the edge of the sea
A man of great strength stubbed his toe on a tree.
It was a common event for the men of this land
But this time was different, or so says the sand.
Yes billions of witnesses relayed to me
An account of the man and his catastrophe.

He was a muscular man, as I mentioned before,
His pectorals, they bulged through the shirt that he wore.
And poor man, he could never find britches his size,
For he had the most marvelous, mountainous thighs.
This body seemed perfect in its stock and store,
But something was wrong with the man on the shore.

As he walked on the beach he could feel the sand ooze
Through his toes, which for some reason, carried no shoes.
Curiosity spurred the sand grains to unveil
An interesting fact of this, thought, “perfect” male.
Yes the feet to the sand sang in rhythm and blues
Of a missing toenail and the life he did choose.

Meanwhile, not far from the talk taking place
Between sand grains and callouses on the foot-face
A lonesome toenail, who’d once had a home
Now stood in self-pity, afraid and alone.
He had no idea of what would take place
On the body whose size made him feel a disgrace.

The toenail wailed “I’m so lonely today!
From my place on the body I’ve stolen away
But my actions are justified, don’t think they’re not
For kings have instructed and rich men have taught
That the smaller one is in life’s massive array
The less one can do, and the less one should say.

And since I’m just a wrap on a blistered big toe,
I think that I’m worthless, so sulking I go.”
Now the leaves of the grapevine had heard the nail mourn,
So they said to themselves, “from a toe there is torn
A quite an ignorant creature, with head hanging low
His beliefs must be changed, he can’t be thinking so!”

While the leaves of the vine discussed what they should do
To aid the poor toenail in getting a clue,
The affair of the strongman’s encounter with fate
Had transpired, and sand gives an in-depth update.
As the toes to the sand wailed “oh we’re so blue!”
They neglected to spy an enormous bamboo.

“CRUNCH!” impact echoed its scream o’er the waves,
As the ruthless bamboo stabbed the toe with its staves
The tree knew, for he’d heard the man’s largest toe wail
That there is no protection where there is no nail.
So the once perfect form of the brawny man, brave
Now writhed in affliction and wished for his grave.

“My LORD!” cried the toe, as his mind could still muse,
We’d not be in this state had we just worn our shoes!
Which brings me to think, and to sit and to ponder…
We’d not be in this state had my nail not gone yonder!
Now we risk amputation instead of mere bruise,
If infection sets in, our whole leg we could lose!”

A few inches away on an old, rotten stump,
Some infectious bacteria sat in a clump.
“Just look toward that tree of bamboo standing there,
A divine piece of flesh sits for us all to share!
Hooray!” cried the germs, “let’s abandon this dump!”
And they whooped a loud war cry, and off they did jump.

As infection raced on to the blood-feast divine,
Sand gave news to a breeze, and the breeze to a vine.
When the vine had caught wind of the news of the man
It related right back, “yes we’ll do what we can
To teach this toenail his purposed design
And get him to ward off infection in time!”

Now, the fruit of the vine racked their brains to contrive
An effective solution for how to revive
The poor toenail’s ego, and get him to go
Save the strongman’s great life, by way of his toe.
They remembered just then, the most wise branch alive
And how he had read Romans 12: 4 and 5.

The grapes asked, my friend, have you heard the good word?
The nail shook his head, for he hadn’t yet heard.
“Well, it says that the body has numerous members,
And each quite unique in the job that it renders.
But comparing your size made you feel quite absurd,
And you saw not your mission to shield and to gird.

“Now you, my good friend, have neglected your calling,
And, thus, your good host has more followers falling.
But be of good faith, and back to your toe run!
You’ve no time to lose, there’s a race to be won!”
So off ran the toenail, he was no longer stalling
For he had to prevent the infection from mauling.

The toenail knew he was in for a fight,
And the wind carried news of this terrible plight.
All nature now planned for this coming disaster
As infection ran fast and toenail ran faster.
At last the prospective goal came into sight
And the toenail sprinted with all of his might.

Into the stretch the fore raced in dead heat!
And the toenail knew that the germs he must beat.
A few inches from end a short prayer to God
Was thrown out by the toenail, and down a foot trod.
All the poisons that thought that their power could defeat
Were now smashed to a pulp underneath the LORD’s feet.

Then God healed the toe that the bamboo had sliced
And told all the message of how we are spliced.
From a toenail to bicep, we’re all made unique;
To work for the good of the total physique.
So, we being many are one body in Christ;
Members one of another, most preciously priced.

Leah Pauls (formerly Leah Eddens) ©1990