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Thank You

August 2, 2013

Thank you for your help
You have made me well
You have placed me on solid rock
I am now a part of Your flock

Flock of sheep, and a child
First time learner, very mild
You’ve given me a chance to learn
To You, I can always turn

“Turn around, I’m here” You say when I’m lost
I’m trying to follow you, no matter the cost
I’m thankful that you found me
You have helped a blind woman to see


Thank You

April 18, 2012

Thank you for giving me the words
Words to write for others to see
See them sit and listen, but do they learn
Learn what they need to know?

Knowing what you want is a good thing
It makes the spirit within ring
But some choose not to see or hear
It’s because they are filled with fear

Fear of what, I’d like to know
Maybe it’s the fear to grow
I pray that people will seek your face
And ask for Your grace

Grace is Your gift of salvation to us
You freely give it with no fuss
Thank you for granting we the words
Even if I sound like a nerd


When I Want to Flee

November 27, 2011

I need you to hold me
To hold me when I cry
When I want to flee

I want to shout with glee
But I feel in the fry
I need you to hold me

I’m starting to be
Healed by and by
When I want to flee

I need to touch and see
Someone to look me in the eye
I need you to hold me

I need someone tangible and friendly
To be there when I sigh
When I want to flee

George, thank you; you and Jesus love me
And my tears you dry
I need you to hold me
When I want to flee