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He Leads Me Forward

February 6, 2015

“Please, let me help you
You are my friend, I want to help
Help isn’t such a bad thing, it’s really not
Not if you want to move forward.”

Forward motion can be positive or negative
Negative attitudes lead me down
Down into an abyss that leads to bondage
Bondage, a place that leaves me caged

Caged with nothing or no one to talk to
Too, you’re bored, feeling like you have nothing to do
Do? I’m in the fetal position; I can’t move
Move, squirm, it’s all pain to me

I want to move, but I’m in pain
So much so, I think I’ll go insane
Insanity surrounds, and I feel like I’m climbing the walls
Walls that are nonexistent; they’re just bars

Bars of self doubt and pity surround the cage
Cage looking out into the dark
Dark shadows surround me, but is that a spark?
Spark of white draws my eye

Eye catches on that little star so white
White pin prick reminding me of the bright star that shone that night
Night dark except for that diamond fair
The one above the shepherds, in the air

Air new comes afresh to my lips making me want for more
I start wondering what’s in store
I start searching for a way out of there
I send out the “help me” prayer

Prayer comes faster, and I find that Jesus is with me
I don’t feel so empty
The light has come closer, bit by bit.
I feel better, and a bar dissolves; I am able to get out of the caged pit.


A New Song

November 20, 2013

Time flows in only one direction
With no introduction
Yet we all want to know what will happen
We want to know what’s around the bend

Bending to the will of the world, we collapse
But as we bend, time doesn’t nap
It flows on like a river
It can be good or bad and set you to quiver

Quiver and shake, you are pushed along
You’re dragged on the bottom; you’re under so long
A wave picks you up and cradles you; you’re carried away
The stream takes you to another day

Day breaks, and you awake
You’re alive – is it fake?
You stretch and find out you’re covered
He comes to you like a lover

Lover of your soul, He is attentive to all needs
All you need to do is believe and go where He leads
He helps you up and sets you on your feet
He gives you the strength to take your lit candle to all you meet

Meet all you can; eternity begins
You work with Him to make it happen
Time no longer pulls you along
It gives you a new song

Thank You

August 2, 2013

Thank you for your help
You have made me well
You have placed me on solid rock
I am now a part of Your flock

Flock of sheep, and a child
First time learner, very mild
You’ve given me a chance to learn
To You, I can always turn

“Turn around, I’m here” You say when I’m lost
I’m trying to follow you, no matter the cost
I’m thankful that you found me
You have helped a blind woman to see

Kingdom Come

June 10, 2013

Is this all there is to this life – it’s so twisted
There’s many values, so many, they can’t be listed
Teach me to sift through what’s wrong and right
Help me to meditate on you day and night

Night and darkness come, and I feel you’re not there
Help me switch to an attitude of prayer
Like a light in the darkness you shine forth and illuminate
Through your word and prayer, you helpm me ruminate

Ruminate and ponder, yes, and read the Word
Even though everyone I meet thinks it’s absurd
I want to know your law and your wisdom
I want your kingdom in me to come.