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December 3, 2013

Skates sliding on the ice
The adreneline pumps through you, oh so nice
Flying through the air, or playing a sport
Playing a game of hockey, or just cavort

Cavort and caper, just whipping around
On the ice or in the snow on the ground
The cold is nipping at your nose
Even the change there helps you grow

Growth helps you no matter what season
Hopefully it’s with Jesus, for He is the reason
That we are here on this earth
He is the reason that we were birthed

Birthed so that we may appreciate
Him, each other, and the ice on which we can skate
I love to write about He who makes me grow
For He is above and below



March 6, 2013

A wind is blowing about our little house
Inside and out because of a little mouse
The chaos born of depression
The things brought in became an obsession

Obsession nearly buried me with a mess
Chaos took away our little nest
It buried us in confusion and pain
We continued in the insanity again and again

Again we went round and around
Just like mice on the wheel, not on the ground
Until you said “Let my children go!”
And the chaos ceased to blow

Blow, Holy Spirit, blow
Blow through our lives, and show us what you know
Clean out our lives, like our house you gave our family
Make this a better home for you, my husband and me