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You’re Invited

December 13, 2013

A valley is in front of you
It is verdant with greens and brilliant with colored blooms
Some are just flowers, but some are fruit for eating
The colors are vibrant, not fleeting

Fleeting is the sounds of everyday life
Gone are the cares, and the anxst of strife
Ahead of you is a gigantic tree
Its boughs laden with fruit for you and me

Me and you have the right to share
What we find out there
An invitation sounds from all around
“Come, eat the fruits that sprout from the ground

Ground brought forth all we will ever need
Brought forth from His great seed
Seed sewn with love and life
No, it’s not a lot of hype

Hype would only spoil this pure land
This cozy place where He planted the fruit by hand
He gives it all to you and I; our cups are overflowing
It’s His extravagent love He’s showing



October 21, 2009

Words turned this way and that
Words that make you feel thin or fat
Pictures that are distorted, making things too small
Or tall

Tall and wide, a mountain high
You think you’d rather die
Feeling encased in solid rock
Can’t climb it nor chip it into blocks

Blocks surrounding; you can’t turn around; you’re pulled underground.
Into the darkness; you feel no longer sound
You crawl on the earth like a worm
All you think you can do is squirm

Squirm and dig until you’re at the rock
True rock stops you; you talk
You hear the truth, you start to mend
Out of the pit, standing tall; ascend!

Ascending, comprehending, the Rock is with you
He shows; you take His cue
He is the ultimate teacher, a cut above all
He sees through the sin and catches you when you fall