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He Stomped on Sin

April 19, 2013

The sun shines, and so does the Son
The Son of God who ended what had long ago had begun
He killed Sin; he stomped it on its head
Head flattened, Satan knows he’s defeated

Defeated he is thanks to Jesus Christ
He paid the ultimate price
He hung there on the cross like a criminal for all to see
He died to make things right for you and me


Window of Grace

March 25, 2013

I will stand with my Lord Jesus
And not create a fuss
I will fight the good fight the best I know how
I will not let my spirit go fallow

Fallow spirits mean a harden heart
Then my Lord and I must depart
He must step away
Because I have sinned and strayed

Strayed from Him, just like the rest of the world
Rolling up my flag, not having it unfurled
Hiding in my darkness, not wanting to come out
All I want to do is fume and pout

Pouting isn’t the way to go
I remember that as I step through Grace’s window
Into the arms of my loving Lord
Who is someone I cannot ignore

Beauty for Ashes (Revised)

October 4, 2012

I fell into the fire.
My circumstances were dire.
I burned to a crisp, black, and charred.
I thought my soul would be permanently marred.

I was lying there
Feeling bare.
Yet I was in your sight.
You clothed me in white.

You cleansed me,
Washed me,
You gave me beauty
You took sin’s ashes away from me.

You lifted me up when I was low.
You brought me from charred remains and set me aglow.
Aglow with your love and your light.
Illuminated by your grace, glory and might.


Theme:  Redemption / Saving


October 21, 2009

Words turned this way and that
Words that make you feel thin or fat
Pictures that are distorted, making things too small
Or tall

Tall and wide, a mountain high
You think you’d rather die
Feeling encased in solid rock
Can’t climb it nor chip it into blocks

Blocks surrounding; you can’t turn around; you’re pulled underground.
Into the darkness; you feel no longer sound
You crawl on the earth like a worm
All you think you can do is squirm

Squirm and dig until you’re at the rock
True rock stops you; you talk
You hear the truth, you start to mend
Out of the pit, standing tall; ascend!

Ascending, comprehending, the Rock is with you
He shows; you take His cue
He is the ultimate teacher, a cut above all
He sees through the sin and catches you when you fall