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A New Song

November 20, 2013

Time flows in only one direction
With no introduction
Yet we all want to know what will happen
We want to know what’s around the bend

Bending to the will of the world, we collapse
But as we bend, time doesn’t nap
It flows on like a river
It can be good or bad and set you to quiver

Quiver and shake, you are pushed along
You’re dragged on the bottom; you’re under so long
A wave picks you up and cradles you; you’re carried away
The stream takes you to another day

Day breaks, and you awake
You’re alive – is it fake?
You stretch and find out you’re covered
He comes to you like a lover

Lover of your soul, He is attentive to all needs
All you need to do is believe and go where He leads
He helps you up and sets you on your feet
He gives you the strength to take your lit candle to all you meet

Meet all you can; eternity begins
You work with Him to make it happen
Time no longer pulls you along
It gives you a new song


His Gift

April 24, 2013

Hey there, I know you out there
You may not be saying a prayer
You may be in the pit so deep
In depression’s sleep

Sleep is covering you, I’m sure
I have something to tell you so it won’t endure
Someone’s here to pull you out of that mire and muck
He won’t ever let you get stuck

He can be your best friend
On Him you can depend
He died so you don’t have to
For this gift, there’s nothing you can do

Do draw close to Him, for he won’t hurt you
He will make all things new
He died a long time ago to save you
No matter what you’ve done, He forgives you


May 8, 2012

What am I going to do?
My thoughts are like goo
I can’t seem to stand
My body, I can’t seem to command

I slog through the muck and mire
But then you inspire
You open my eyes
You remove the disguise

You give me new eyes
You grant me a surprise
Everything sparkles anew
It’s what you do

Keep washing me, my Master King
Keep me doing the right thing
Thank you for washing my eyes
Leaving them sparkling and dry