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He Leads Me Forward

February 6, 2015

“Please, let me help you
You are my friend, I want to help
Help isn’t such a bad thing, it’s really not
Not if you want to move forward.”

Forward motion can be positive or negative
Negative attitudes lead me down
Down into an abyss that leads to bondage
Bondage, a place that leaves me caged

Caged with nothing or no one to talk to
Too, you’re bored, feeling like you have nothing to do
Do? I’m in the fetal position; I can’t move
Move, squirm, it’s all pain to me

I want to move, but I’m in pain
So much so, I think I’ll go insane
Insanity surrounds, and I feel like I’m climbing the walls
Walls that are nonexistent; they’re just bars

Bars of self doubt and pity surround the cage
Cage looking out into the dark
Dark shadows surround me, but is that a spark?
Spark of white draws my eye

Eye catches on that little star so white
White pin prick reminding me of the bright star that shone that night
Night dark except for that diamond fair
The one above the shepherds, in the air

Air new comes afresh to my lips making me want for more
I start wondering what’s in store
I start searching for a way out of there
I send out the “help me” prayer

Prayer comes faster, and I find that Jesus is with me
I don’t feel so empty
The light has come closer, bit by bit.
I feel better, and a bar dissolves; I am able to get out of the caged pit.


Sit, My Friend

May 19, 2013

Hi my friend, I know you are a stranger
But I have to warn you; you’re soul’s in danger
You ask the questions how and why
And the answers are do or die

“Die?” You ask “I don’t want to.”
“To die is death, never to be able to do”
You’re right in a way, but there is another
It’s not in what you do, my sisters and brothers

Brothers and Sisters, I encourage you
Seek the Light, whatever you do.
The Light has a name, and Jesus is it
Please, don’t leave – sit

Sit, and please listen to one more thing
It may open your ears or make them ring
He is the way, the truth, and the life – yes, the light
He brings growth and renewel to where there was once blight.

Shining Jewel (Revised)

November 26, 2012

A tiny jewel held in hand
In the hand of God
God holds it out to show me
Me and all mankind.

Mankind taunts me and puts me down.
Down in the dumps so deep
Deep darkness tries to cover it through.
Through that black God is shining.

Shining through another person
Person who holds that jewel of hope
Hope brought through another one, physical.
Physical, tangible person giving God’s jewel to me.


Theme:  Hope

Light’s Calling

January 25, 2011

Empty of anything, devoid of life
Life devoid of anything, existing
Existing without Him
Him who created we humans

Humans try to say that He didn’t exist
Exist on this earth
Earth two thousand years past
Past becomes present, He has risen

Risen and brought life into my soul
Soul full of the emptiness dark
Dark soul filling with light
Light coming from Him.

Him, try to prove that he wasn’t here
Here to give life
Life is spoken by the bible
Bible, His word, a love letter to us

lWho Knows?

October 26, 2009

The color is infused into so many others,
Others like gold, and it combines with colors so it changes,
Changes into orange, green, and many more,
More than we can count.

Count one, two, three, four,
Four or more shades are blended,
Blended to make flowers,
Flowers made by the Creator, our maker,

Maker of all things,
Things carnal and eternal,
Eternal glory, he puts into the color yellow,
Yellow shining,

Shining yellow gold he is there with us
Us who he loved first,
First before the world even began,
Began, with who knows…maybe the color yellow?