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Surrounded by Him

November 9, 2014

I listened to the music surrounding me, and I wanted to dance
Nobody was nearby, but the music was a romance
The beat of the drum; the melody
All I needed was somebody

Somebody is dancing to my right
Another woman is in my sight
I sense that He is here as well
He is here, I can tell

Tell it to the world, He is the resurrected King!
Oh listen world! He loves to sing!
Listen to his so voice so sweet!
He is the only one who can make my feet fleet!

Fleet is his foot during the dance or when you’re in trouble
He’ll always be at your side, on the double
He will always be there
It’s only because He cares


“Creation Mine”

February 25, 2011

It bubbles to the top like a hot spring
Invigorating and energy giving
Coming from Him, my Heavenly husband
He works alongside my Earthly one here in this land

Land, while we are here
We need to hold it dear
Let the joy come!
It’s just happiness, say some

Some say that joy is just another word for happiness
But it’s more than that, not less
Joy comes from within,
From a deeper connection

Connection from the one Creator
The Creator of us, our mothers and fathers
Making that link from father to son
The journey has begun

Begun with the knowing of Him
And his coming within
You get to shine
Every time He says, ”You are mine.”


December 14, 2010

I am alive
Alive with love and joy
Joy coming from Him
Him who is the King

King of my heart, I love Him
Him who is my maker
Maker of my soul and being
Being His is my goal

Goal to be hat He would want me to be
Be who I must in Him
Him who knows me
Me inside and out

Out He was, and now he’s within
Within me; it’s everything He sees
Sees all that I am
Am I worthy?

Worthy of His praise
Praise and His gift of fire?
Fire and breath of life springing up
Up from within where He resides

Resides inside, fanning the flames
Flames coming from my mustard seed coal of faith
Faith so small, I almost feel empty
Empty and hollow until He ignites the fire


April 19, 2010

Music coming from within
Within bubbling up, no doubtin’
Me wanting to dance around
In our house and on the ground

Grounded in Him, we sing and dance
With the music of life, we romance
We look to the sun and its warmth fills
We run up and down the hills

Hills emerald green with flowers of every hue
They were created for me and you
Animals abound, birds are there
He made them all with tender loving care

Care brings the joy
Care for men women girls and boys
Kindness is also the key
To make joy so bubbly