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“Follow Me.”

February 26, 2014

Title:  “Follow Me”

You’re on the fence, that’s for certain
You push back each side’s curtain
“Which way do I go?”
“Who shall I follow?”

“Follow me,” someone calls
“Follow me,” Calls Jesus, “I’ll catch you when you fall”
You still don’t know which way to turn
You think that you’ll get burned

Burned and lead around on a leash
Lead around from west to east
But He’s not that way, I assure you
You can trust Him; He won’t bid you adieu

Adieu is something He would never say
All you have to do is pray
Call out to Him, and He will come to you
After all, He is called Faithful and True.


He Stomped on Sin

April 19, 2013

The sun shines, and so does the Son
The Son of God who ended what had long ago had begun
He killed Sin; he stomped it on its head
Head flattened, Satan knows he’s defeated

Defeated he is thanks to Jesus Christ
He paid the ultimate price
He hung there on the cross like a criminal for all to see
He died to make things right for you and me