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You’re Invited

December 13, 2013

A valley is in front of you
It is verdant with greens and brilliant with colored blooms
Some are just flowers, but some are fruit for eating
The colors are vibrant, not fleeting

Fleeting is the sounds of everyday life
Gone are the cares, and the anxst of strife
Ahead of you is a gigantic tree
Its boughs laden with fruit for you and me

Me and you have the right to share
What we find out there
An invitation sounds from all around
“Come, eat the fruits that sprout from the ground

Ground brought forth all we will ever need
Brought forth from His great seed
Seed sewn with love and life
No, it’s not a lot of hype

Hype would only spoil this pure land
This cozy place where He planted the fruit by hand
He gives it all to you and I; our cups are overflowing
It’s His extravagent love He’s showing


Shining Jewel (Revised)

May 28, 2013

A tiny jewel held in a hand
In the hand of God
God holds it out to show me
Me and all mankind.

Mankind taunts me and puts me down.
Down in the dumps so deep
Deep darkness sparkler shines
Shines – Through that black God’s grace is radiant

Radiant through another person
Person who holds that rainbow gem of hope
Hope brought through another one, physical.
Physical presence of God; comfort given to me

Window of Grace

March 25, 2013

I will stand with my Lord Jesus
And not create a fuss
I will fight the good fight the best I know how
I will not let my spirit go fallow

Fallow spirits mean a harden heart
Then my Lord and I must depart
He must step away
Because I have sinned and strayed

Strayed from Him, just like the rest of the world
Rolling up my flag, not having it unfurled
Hiding in my darkness, not wanting to come out
All I want to do is fume and pout

Pouting isn’t the way to go
I remember that as I step through Grace’s window
Into the arms of my loving Lord
Who is someone I cannot ignore

It’s Given

January 28, 2013

I lift my eyes to the sky
Praising the Lord Most High
He is everywhere, whether we know it or not
His love can’t be sold or bought

Bought were our souls with His own blood, pure
Yet He has risen; His love still endures
He has given His unfailing grace
All we have to do is seek His face

Face Him, no, we don’t want to
We think there’s something we should do
To earn His favour and unfailing love
It’s always here, it’s given freely from above

Thank You

April 18, 2012

Thank you for giving me the words
Words to write for others to see
See them sit and listen, but do they learn
Learn what they need to know?

Knowing what you want is a good thing
It makes the spirit within ring
But some choose not to see or hear
It’s because they are filled with fear

Fear of what, I’d like to know
Maybe it’s the fear to grow
I pray that people will seek your face
And ask for Your grace

Grace is Your gift of salvation to us
You freely give it with no fuss
Thank you for granting we the words
Even if I sound like a nerd


Lover’s Command

April 19, 2011

My heart sinks down, and I’m in the fry
I never again think I am going to fry
I feel as though I’m in a void
And that my soul is being toyed

Toyed with like a little top
Spin! Spin! Drop!
I can’t see anything around
Because of the debris from the ground

Ground falling,
I am calling
He is there in a heartbeat
He sets me on my feet

Feet are walking the right way now
Down the right path, I’ll do better, I’ve made that vow
He shows me the right way and holds my hand
I love Him and must obey His command

Command so gentle, I am compelled to obey
For I know he knows what’s best for me each day
He loves me deeper than I could imagine, so each day I seek His face
And He gives me His amazing grace

Beauty for Ashes

October 17, 2009

I fell into the fire.
My circumstances were dire.
I burned to a crisp so black, and charred.
I thought my soul would be permanently marred.

I was lying there
Feeling bare.
Yet I was in your sight.
You clothed me in white.

You cleansed me,
Washed me,
You gave me beauty
You took the ashes of Sin away from me.

You lifted me up when I was low.
You brought me from charred remains and set me aglow.
Aglow with your love and your light.
Illuminated by your grace, glory and might.