Wise Eyes

October 5, 2013

The pig squeals in my ear
Ear sensitive to its’ squeal
Squeal telling me it’s not happy being alone
Alone is what evil wants us to feel

Feel the highs and lows of the game
Game face on, but having fun
Fun making friends, if you so choose
Choose to make friends, as well as life

Life leads me around, but I choose to look into His eyes
Eyes filled with understanding of why I get drawn to the game
Game that can take away from His wise eyes
Eyes so deep



September 7, 2013

I can’t believe I bought an ipad today
Today I feel like I’m dreaming
Dreaming that I bought an expensive IPad
iPad that I could use in many ways

Ways of passion want to twist me
Me, a gamer, artist and writer
Writer of my perceptions of the world
World around me, and my God

God, why do I feel so bogged down?
Down in the dumps so deep
Deep in tiredness, laziness, and fatigue
Fatigue that leaves us flat

Flat lining, I don’t want to be
Be that as it may, I feel uneasy
Uneasy because of a jumble of conflicting feelings
Feelings I have finally sorted through with Your help

I Need You (Revised)

August 2, 2013

I can’t go the extra mile
I don’t want to smile
Where am I’m going?
What’s that bag I’m towing?

Towing it everywhere I go
It’s not for show
I can’t turn around
To see what’s dragging on the ground.

My life seems like a bubble
Littered with a bunch of rubble
So what am I to do?
Lord, I need you.

You who are the first and last
You know my future and my past
You know my sin and my ways
Help me through this; I can’t take more days

Days filled with loss of self confidence
Doing the “try this” dance
You pick the emotion that moment.
I have no more strength or comments.

Thank You

August 2, 2013

Thank you for your help
You have made me well
You have placed me on solid rock
I am now a part of Your flock

Flock of sheep, and a child
First time learner, very mild
You’ve given me a chance to learn
To You, I can always turn

“Turn around, I’m here” You say when I’m lost
I’m trying to follow you, no matter the cost
I’m thankful that you found me
You have helped a blind woman to see


July 20, 2013

You read the instructions
And the directions
Yet you chose to ignore them
Now you feel condemned

Condemned and on the way to Hell
You feel you’re tumbling, pell-mell
Pell-mell into a place of no return
You feel that you’ve got burned

Burned and charred, you cry out
“Is anyone out there?” You hope and doubt
“Yes, I am here.” Jesus makes Himself known
“You’re hurt, I’ll help.” Over you, a blanket is thrown

Thrown over you, and you are taken to a special place
You rest, you’re healed, and you finally see His face
You groan, you trust, you have no choice
You want to talk; you have no voice

Voice so gentle like flowers – you finally hear Him
You wake up; your sight is no longer dim
“Wake up, dear heart, you’re safe and sound.”
“You’re soul is no longer on the ground.”

“Ground into pulp, it was when I found you.”
“You can now get up and stand, you can too!”
“I am here for you in all ways”
“Remember me as you walk through the day.”

The Rock (Revised – Formerly Assend!)

July 4, 2013

Words turned this way and that
Words make you feel thin or fat
Pictures distorted, making things too small
Or tall

Tall and wide, a mountain high
You think you’d rather die
Feeling encased in solid rock
Can’t climb it nor chip it into blocks

Blocks surround you; you can’t move; you’re pulled underground.
Into the darkness; you feel no longer sound
You crawl in the earth like a worm
All you think you can do is squirm

Squirm and dig until you’re at the rock
True rock stops you; you talk
You hear the truth, you start to mend
Out of the pit, standing tall; you ascend!

Ascending, comprehending, the Rock is with you
He shows; you take His cue
He is the ultimate teacher, a cut above all
He sees through the sin and catches you when you fall


June 30, 2013

I am so thankful for what we have
Have we forgotten our roots?
Roots of our families, our foundation?
Foundation of our country so fair

Fair, life isn’t, but neither are we
We twist good things, making them convoluted and complicated
Complicated ways, not of Jesus’ world
World was created good, but became twisted

Twisted are the words of the evil one, our enemy
Enemy of everyone and this planet of ours
Ours is a job that came when the earth was formed
Formed by just a few words

Words were used in the making us too
To us, He is our Creator
Creator that made our world, our country
Country that’s supposed to be for you and me


June 22, 2013

“Hi, I’m in everybody
I’m in you in you every way
I am walking with you even though you can’t see me
I will never leave you, see?

See how we interact, you and I?
You’ll learn that I am gentle, by and by
I want to be your friend, your constant companion
I won’t be an imposition

Imposition is not the way I work
You may think it’s a quirk
I love you, that’s not a joke
You, I won’t prod or poke

Poking just makes you mad
Or makes you full of dispair and sad
I love you, please understand
Please, I want to take your hand.”


June 17, 2013

Just a note:  If this is happening to you or your people, and you feel encouraged by this poem, please feel free to comment on what is going on.  I would love to pray for you.


A crowd mulls around, dressed in grey
I see targets from snipers in the fray
Nothing has been shot so far
They’re on the roof, not in a car

The targets are red and rings
They target as people do their thing
There is sand at their feet
There is no rain, snow, or sleet

Who is on the roof looking down?
Who is holding a frown?
The curtain comes down, and darkness reins
There is a sense of pain

Pain except for those who have been targeted with red
Are they those who have been saved instead?
As I write this prophetic ditty
I see their spirits are pretty

Pretty little swirls in the palm of His hand
Like the center of the egg; it’s the shell, the land
They’re safe there; he’s the fortress
They are given His loving-kindness

Kingdom Come

June 10, 2013

Is this all there is to this life – it’s so twisted
There’s many values, so many, they can’t be listed
Teach me to sift through what’s wrong and right
Help me to meditate on you day and night

Night and darkness come, and I feel you’re not there
Help me switch to an attitude of prayer
Like a light in the darkness you shine forth and illuminate
Through your word and prayer, you helpm me ruminate

Ruminate and ponder, yes, and read the Word
Even though everyone I meet thinks it’s absurd
I want to know your law and your wisdom
I want your kingdom in me to come.