You read the instructions
And the directions
Yet you chose to ignore them
Now you feel condemned

Condemned and on the way to Hell
You feel you’re tumbling, pell-mell
Pell-mell into a place of no return
You feel that you’ve got burned

Burned and charred, you cry out
“Is anyone out there?” You hope and doubt
“Yes, I am here.” Jesus makes Himself known
“You’re hurt, I’ll help.” Over you, a blanket is thrown

Thrown over you, and you are taken to a special place
You rest, you’re healed, and you finally see His face
You groan, you trust, you have no choice
You want to talk; you have no voice

Voice so gentle like flowers – you finally hear Him
You wake up; your sight is no longer dim
“Wake up, dear heart, you’re safe and sound.”
“You’re soul is no longer on the ground.”

“Ground into pulp, it was when I found you.”
“You can now get up and stand, you can too!”
“I am here for you in all ways”
“Remember me as you walk through the day.”


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