The Rock (Revised – Formerly Assend!)

Words turned this way and that
Words make you feel thin or fat
Pictures distorted, making things too small
Or tall

Tall and wide, a mountain high
You think you’d rather die
Feeling encased in solid rock
Can’t climb it nor chip it into blocks

Blocks surround you; you can’t move; you’re pulled underground.
Into the darkness; you feel no longer sound
You crawl in the earth like a worm
All you think you can do is squirm

Squirm and dig until you’re at the rock
True rock stops you; you talk
You hear the truth, you start to mend
Out of the pit, standing tall; you ascend!

Ascending, comprehending, the Rock is with you
He shows; you take His cue
He is the ultimate teacher, a cut above all
He sees through the sin and catches you when you fall


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