Lonesome Lass

Since it is still around Christmas time, and I have nothing new yet, I thought I would reprint this article since I have nothing new. It is at Fantasy’s Fancy.

Lonesome Lass

She stands there on the corner whitened
She shivers while she stands there
Hoping to meet a friend
On which she can spend

“Send an hour with me”
She asked her friend on the phone
“Sure I’ll come.” Her promise was empty
So she stands with her gift in hand

Hands weren’t there for her that Christmas
Nor the one after that
So people called her the Lonesome Lass
When she came around

Around the neighborhood she walked
Trying to make a friend
At first with everyone she talked
Until she didn’t have any more words

Words weren’t what she needed, but they came
Came with some actions
Some people took her in that Christmas
And she wasn’t the same

Same lass, oh no
She lit up like a Christmas tree
She finally had a true friend
People thought it was a mystery

Mystery of how the lonesome lass became joyful
All the year long
Those who saw her found His pull
And called her Joy


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