Merry Christmas and Poem: Resting Place

As this is the last post before Christmas, I was hoping to have a Christmas poem, but since it is not finished, I have the following poem for you. Until the next time we meet, may you find that resting place in your life, and I wish you a Merry Christmas

Title: Resting Place

Crimson center, beating strong
Center of all ideas right and wrong
Without and within,
Sink or swim

Swim in the wine, all who are broken
Try, even though you’re bent
Climb to the top of the rock so solid
It is impervious and stolid

Stolid and secure, it is firm beneath your feet
He is strong and sweet
He will never harm, nor make you wither
He will never make you dither

Dither, wither, he will make you strong
Strong from your brokenness
Brokenness that makes you feel so small
Small and insignificant

Insignificant as a caterpillar
Caterpillar on a rock
Rock that is heart-shaped
Shaped for you to rest on


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