Full Circle

The morning comes, and in he steps
He is standing there
At the foot of your bed
He looks at you; He cares

Cares for your you from your exterior to interior
He takes you by the hand and helps you on your way
He lifts you up and carries you
No matter what your day

Day in and day out, He is by your side
He binds your wounds, disinfecting them
With the balm of Gilead; it is plentiful
Telling you all the while that you are His Gem

Gem or jewel of His heart, we are priceless
So why do we have trouble seeing this?
Why do we fight him from dawn to dusk?
He’s not the one to fight – the battle is His

His step is near yours as you enter the night
Your day closes and you lay down your head
You lay down you body; you are so weary
And again he stands by your bed.


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