You Father Me

I don’t know how I feel today
I know I need to pray
But I feel so distant from Him
I need to ask forgiveness of my sins

Help me God to see
What you want me to be
I am a princess in your eyes
You have seen through my disguise

I want to hide from you
But that’s something I cannot do
You call me to your side
You beam at me with pride

I want to cower and shrink from you
Because I fear your wrath, I do
But you pick me up, you put me on your knee
You Father me

I want to cry, I really do
I am clinging onto you
You take my life in your hands so enormous
You peel away my callouses

In time, I know I’ll start to feel you again
I’ll fallow you like a car on a train
I’ll learn form you
You will show me what I should do.


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