Shaper of Light

Before I post the poem, I have to mention that these are what I think must have been the ponderrings of Mary, His mother.



Shaper of Light

“My baby boy, I hold you tight;
Tight to my breast tonight
Tonight I am thinking about who you are, the Messiah;
The Messiah we have all longed for.

Your angel told us not so long ago, that you were coming;
Coming to save the world and be my Son.
A Son that I will help shape in the early years;
Years that will lead on to the rest of your life.

Life I gave you, but you bring life;
Life for the soul, and this world;
A world so corrupt, yet is hungering for you;
You, my baby boy.

My boy, my baby, what will happen;
Happen when you try to shape them?
Them who are corrupt and filled with hate;
A hate that will not be quenched.

Quenched are my fears that were building;
Building on one thing then another;
Another day will come; tomorrow;
Tomorrow we will go on.

On and on our lives will go;
Go in and out of valleys dark;
Dark runs at the sight of you, my Jesus;
Jesus, the bringer and shaper of light.


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